Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and adventures

This needs a short story,

I am working on a project and in need of inner tubes, (the bright color one I use

From the dollar store.) I had been looking, no luck, and then I remembered I had taken a photo from Rustem Pasa Camii down to the market below and hanging in a stall was a tube.

So I went there yesterday.

The man would not sell the tube I need 3 anyway.

I left walking out of the market a way I had not taken prior

I saw some toys inside what I thought was a Han

I walked in

It was a former hamam

So how wonderful I can show you what the ceiling looks like, as you cannot take a photo in the bath…

In the bath you are laying on the warm marble below the ceiling it is like looking to the sky.

and yes in the bath in the mist in is more special.

And I purchase 3 blue neon made in china inner tubes…

the weeks are running together

My days are filled with some of those everyday things in life

As well as teaching and the surprise adventure.

The tulips are still in bloom, quiet a long season

And lovely.

These are at the square near to the spice market in front of Yeni Camii

These guys I bump into a lot waiting for the bus, sadly I have also seen the results, massacred tress.

Tea is always better on the other side of the fence, having tea with a faculty at Mimar Sinan art school . Prime real estate right on the Bosphorus

Getting milk with a friend, her new baby drinks only goat’s milk.

When she asked if I wanted to come along I did not think I would actually confront a goat in Istanbul…

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

gule gule bursa

Oh yes the reason I came to Bursa, to speak at the architecture university

The trip back to Istanbul on the ferry, my flowers, a gift from the students,

Saying good-bye to Bursa.


For jimbo and john

You would love it.

This man rolled the tractor down hill to start

Backed up, picked up his bucket then went back down the hill.

Innovation at its best.

Cumalikzik more

Mt Uludag in the distance famous for skiing

Ladies from a village near Ankara( about 4 hr away) on a “field trip” sponsored by the government

They seem to be checking out the competition in the lace market.

And yes the restaurant where I had 3 glasses of raspberry juice


I traveled to Bursa by fast ferry

Wonderful form of transportation that runs on German time (so the say here) hence quite efficient.

My day in Bursa was spent mostly in the historic village of Cumalikizik

Located beneath Mt. Uludag and near the city of Bursa. The town was established by Ottoman Turks in 14th century to provide logistic just before the conquer Bursa from Byzantine. The town has preserved not only its architecture but also the traditional lifestyle. The village of Cumalikizik is one of the best examples of early Ottoman civilization.

Cumalikzik is famous for raspberries and its natural raspberry juice. Which I had many glasses of for lunch!


The season has begun

And Japanese seem to be the majority at the moment

Though I hear by late May Europeans will flood the streets.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was Easter, in Istanbul the start of the tulip festival.

One million tulips, so they say, planted in Emigran Park

15 million people (the current population of Istanbul).

Yes, everyone in Istanbul was at the park, or on the road to the park.

Istiklal caddesi

Istiklal caddesi

Is a main street, a pedestrian way

Full of people night and day.

You never know what you will find happening on Istiklal Caddesi.

On Tuesday morning I confronted balloons, pink and thousands of them

Istanbul is smiling…(the translation)

Later the same day a demonstration by a workers party…

to asia

Sunday I traveled by ferry to the Asian side to visit a colleague.

The Bosporus is like the streets of Istanbul chaotic and crowded yet somehow it is navigated. Forever full of ships, of all sizes.

Looking back to Istanbul, reminds me of the circle line, you see the city all up hill from the sea, the skyscrapers against the old city.

I have become interested in the trees of Istanbul.

In a city of 15 million there is not a lot of room for trees, yet they are protected, as best can be.

I had heard on the Asian side that I would find trees in the middle of the streets.

And yes my colleague lives on top of a hill, the view to the bridge, which connects the two continents over the Bosporus, and the view back to the European side of Istanbul

The city of tulips

As this was taken last weekend 27 march

You can see they are already in bloom,

(today 3 April I am headed to the official tulip festival)

I found a park ,yildiz park, wandering paths and teahouses amongst trees!

And again one must walk straight up hill and the view out to the seaside. The cargo ships hundreds a day, are enormous even from here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My favorite mosque

Rustem Pasa Camii

I have visited this mosque on each trip to Istanbul and often many times.

I remember the first time, when Jim and I tired to find the entrance.

As this tiny mosque, is hidden amongst the shops and street vendors of the Egyptian Bazaar.

It is in fact above them you enter, if you can find it through the street stalls and up the stairs you come to a courtyard. There the noise, the crowd, the chaos of the Bazaar disappears.

The mosque is special. It s completely tiled floor to ceiling. The tiles are quiet extraordinary they represent the finest period of Iznik tile production.


Along with tulips and cherry blossoms spring has brought some most interesting lunch venues as well,

Durum, made of spicy bulgur with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, mint and a squeeze of lemon rolled up tight. For 3 lira

The following day I had to part with 5 liras for a very fresh smoked fish sandwich right off the boat.

The golden horn park is across from the university.

So now that it is spring it is the perfect spot for lunch.


Over night the city bloomed

Tulips and cherry trees abound.

The church, St Stephen of Bulgars, in the background is an oddity a neo gothic structure built entirely of cast iron.

Friday, March 26, 2010

everywhere a view

From everywhere in Istanbul there is a view to the seaside, as it is called.

Of course this means that to go anywhere in Istanbul you must walk straight up hill.

I will have to pay more attention once I am back state side, but I do not recall that we fly so many flags so large and stately.

preparing for spring in istanbul

I have to make a note about the dogs and cats of Istanbul

They navigate the city of 15 million as strays; perhaps not really, as they are well taken carry of my everyone. You see businessmen come out of offices with bags of pet food and fresh water. They sleep with out fear. It is really sociologically a very interesting cultural tradition.

And expresses the deep sense of humanity with in this increasingly crowed urban landscape.

The parks are being spruced up.

In a city of 15 million green space is in short supply and precious.

Bikes , you do not see often, perhaps a sign of spring.

And yes the caf├ęs are getting ready too, love that astro turf!